Seven year baby

So my baby is seven years old today.  Even though everybody said time would fly, I didn't believe them and certainly for the first year, they were wrong.  Time dragged, it was often boring and I wanted him to be interesting and do stuff!  Now though, he is too old, I want time to slow down and if I could have that first year back again, even if I would be bored again, I really think I would grab at the chance.  It isn't very PC to say that motherhood is boring, especially not the beginning bit where it is all new and supposed to be wonderful, but like anything, change is often difficult to work around and accepting that takes time in itself.  Life sometimes is dull, not full of endless excitement and unbounded joy.  I think this is why finding wonder in the small things can keep you going during the worst of times. 

Small things
When I look back through your memory journal,
Do you know what I see?
Moments that were not extraordinary but just special to me.
Those times kept me alert for change,
For the opportunity of growth,
Chances not just for you alone but for us both.
There is the first time you looked at me,
The second time you fell off the bed,
That time I carried you upstairs and accidentally banged your head.
Such small happenings that only we might remember,
I kept all your nursery records, your tooth eruption chart and your theatre tickets too,
I hope that in the future this will mean something important to you.


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