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Let the poetry flow...

So it's the first of April and here comes the joke... I and my friend Maria (check her out at are doing an ad hoc version of NaPoWriMo and creating a little gem every day this month.  When I say this, I should probably add several disclaimers. Firstly, I cannot write poetry.  Secondly, my writing practice has been woefully neglected over the past, ooh, I don't know, year or so, so that sound you hear is the rust falling from my fingers.  Thirdly, Maria has cheated and ALREADY HAS HAD A POEM PUBLISHED, a fact that she neglected to mention and has me running scared already - and I've only been typing this for five minutes and fourthly, did I mention that I can't write poetry?

The locked bridge

I heard today of a bridge in Paris.
Somebody sometime turned a key
In a lock and walked away.

Now it is covered in locks,
Woven through the unblinking struts,
Above the unseeing water.

The love rusting slowly,
Ever so slowly away.

So, there you have it.  My aim is t…

What's in a name?

I was telling somebody the other day about my starting to write a blog and found myself struggling to say what it was about.  I know that it SHOULD be about SOMETHING because then the people who are interested in that SOMETHING would want to read it.  However, I am interested in lots of things and like finding out stuff about lots of other things that I know nothing about so to try and write a blog on just one subject seems tedious and rather difficult.  If I tell you that the three things I want to do this year are to learn to fly a hawk, ride sidesaddle and deliver a lamb (not simultaneously), it will probably tell you a little about my weird mind. 
This person I was talking to about blogs is very specific about hers.  It exists to show people how to apply makeup.  She was somewhat unimpressed with my makeup attempts and less impressed to discover that as I never now go out in the evenings, that I don't need to have an 'evening makeup' look on standby.  Apparently, my ba…

Dream big, Be grateful, Give love, Laugh lots

Today I am being and doing all the things in the title a little more than I did yesterday.

These are not ground breaking statements, in fact they are what I jotted down from a Wordle poster I was spending more time reading than I should have done during a tedious meeting the other day.  But they stuck with me, and as I usually remember very little, being cursed with a memory like that kitchen implement with very small holes in it, I feel that this imbues them with a certain 'specialness', a truthfulness if you will.

Now I honestly believe that I have a very good life, I am happy and I want for nothing that is necessary to keep body and soul together.  Okay, so I don't have that pony I've wanted since I was seven and neither am I Mrs Jake Gyllanhall, but those gripes aside, I am very lucky. Of course, it is human nature to not recognise this (by choice or happenstance) most of the time.  There are so many things to divert the mind after all... from the big and universal…