The boy at the castle

I am hugely impressed with Maria's, see amazing explorations into poetic form and have to admit that I have failed dismally in that respect during the month of NaPoWriMo this April.  I have enjoyed writing short pieces and it amuses me that most of them are maudlin in nature - it must be lurking under the surface of my psyche!!

What is your name? she demands imperiously
Tone indicating she expects to be taken seriously
Come here she commands as she drops back on the bed
He shuffles towards her with fear and dread
There's no need to worry I know what I'm doing
She nods behind her to where they are queuing
This is a mistake he begins with a quake
She laughs and looses her hair with a shake
Don't be a fool this is part of the test
You have to complete it to be one of the best
The king would not stand for anything less
When you have finished you can go back to your chess
You don't understand I'm simply not ready
I've heard it before you just need to be steady
That's all I expect, how bad can it be?
Don't worry, it's only little old me
Little old you? He exclaims with sorrow
I doubt after this I will live till the morrow
The king is renowned for his love of the sword
My time with his wife would not be ignored
She shrugs with a warning look in her eyes
He shakes his head causing some surprise
He leaves the room and slams the door
He will be taken for a fool no more
As the night draws on, the king rewards his honour
He shakes his hand warmly, he won't be a gonner
He has made the right choice and dismissed the queen
He feels that for her part she was just being mean
He left his village for courtly life
Not to end up with the king's wife
She was playing a game and he stayed true
The reason for her choice he never knew
He left the castle once the party was over
And lay down to sleep, alone in the clover

Argh I really hate rhyming couplets!  So twee!!  Move over Shakespeare...  




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