Saturday, 12 April 2014

Poetry Day 12

Okay, it's a day late but I spent my time which is called, laughingly, 'free' or 'spare' finishing a book called Divergent.  It's a YA book full of interesting ideas although there is something perhaps lacking in the drive of some of the characters which makes it a difficult one to really get into and I found it hard to empathise with their issues.  This is a poem from the perspective of the protagonist, Tris.

It's my time to choose
My mind is my own
I don't want to loose
I don't want to leave my home
But I must
I hide confusion and I am silent
There is no trust
I will be forced to be violent
Faction before blood is what we learn
I have to be strong to say no
Now it is time to smash through and burn
It is my time to go

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