Do you want to build a snowman?

So I'm back in the land of poetry after what feels like a long time camping, even though it was only five days.  I don't mean it was long because it was bad, just long and wonderful but hard work.  Living in a bluebell wood for a few days made me want to be able to do it forever.   Realistically of course, it wouldn't be practical or much fun in the floods and snow but as is so true for so many things, a girl can dream and pick out the best bits to log for those times when fun seems very far away and happier times need to be recalled to keep the soul together.

I'm currently watching Frozen for the fourth time.  I love this film.  Without wishing to over analyse, this film is almost perfect.  It has heart, humour, memorable characters, fantastic songs and a familiar enough story structure to make following the narrative straightforward but with the addition of two great twists on the romance genre that make it interesting and special.  The utter conviction and love Anna has in her sister that she is not bad and can be turned (back to the good side, ahem) is terribly powerful.  I love the two sisters and the implications that freedom has for both of them.  I never fail to cry at the point when Elsa revels in her freedom, only to realise that being alone is not the answer, and in a beautifully symmetrical storyline,  when Anna thinks that the answer to her loneliness is to be found in the first handsome prince whom she literally walks into.  How much they both have to learn.  I am also quite a bit in love with Christophe and the way he talks in the voice of his reindeer, Sven, when they are having a conversation but that's really incidental.
Anyway, back to the poetry.

She slams the door and turns away,
He laughs and says she knows he's right,
She's had enough of this for another day.

Each day she tries hard to pray,
But too soon it's time to turn out the light,
She slams the door and turns away,

She folds small into the place she must lay,
Fearful to disappear into clasping night,
She's had enough of this for another day.
A little voice tells her it will be okay,
But the future once glowed so bright,
She slams the door and turns away.

How she regrets their meeting in that bay,
She needs to find her strength and might,
She's had enough of this for another day.

It must be time to find a different way,
She's going to pack and catch that flight,
She slams the door and turns away.
She's had enough of this for another day.


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