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Creative writing prompt January 25th

Time for another run at creativity...

Wake me up when I'm famous she'd never heard him say, although he'd claimed at the party that it was his catch phrase.  Wake me up, now that bit was familiar.  He had never owned an alarm clock he'd said the night before the morning after.  She imagined him being late for work in a few hours as she left under cover of darkness for the bus stop and saw a fox watching her from the hedge.  Perhaps he would invest in an alarm clock now.

Creative writing prompt December 7th

Now I'm trying to discipline myself to write everyday, these little opportunities are invaluable.  It's hard getting back into good habits but definitely worth it.

Playing with form.


I ache for the sun
and sky sighs the tree within,
Lost now forever.
Caught behind the cello strings,
A moment of the blackbird
darkly singing still remains.

Creative writing Ink prompt January 11th

You are so loved

The cross beds deep into the skin
It tells of love and sacrifice
The ink speaks with bitter tears and the pain of hope
Of capable hands and hearts that overflow
Of miracles and disbelief, anger and acceptance
Belonging and reaching out
Hands in the sky
Hearts emboldened
Eyes searching and spirit clamouring
It speaks of beginning and ending
Of compassion and wonder
The cross lies deep across the skin
You are so loved.

Writing prompt January 18th

You Got This

You got this she told herself
You got this he told himself
You got this they told themselves
Everybody's got somebody, somebody said
Ain't that the truth?
Nobody got me.
Except me.
And I've got this.
It's mine.
I'm not letting go.
So go get your own.
I haven't posted in a very long time, probably not for a couple of years I reckon.  I'm restarting now as I want to refocus on my creative writing and this is a good base to do it from as there are competitions that I can enter from here.  I'm reading a lot more and being challenged by that.  I'm also writing a ghost story although it is hard going and the motivation has to come from competition deadlines at this stage.  Hopefully this will change as I get some of the old discipline back!