Poetry day 21

Take a walk around the museum, why don’t you?
Look over there, that’s your first holiday in Spain,
Remember the photograph?
Short bobbed hair, shorter skirt - but it was the sixties,
There’s a drink in your hand,
And you’re sat on a boy’s lap whose name you couldn’t recall,
You are young and happy.
Look this way, it’s snowing in the back garden,
Your daughter is there in a white fluffy coat,
She looks like a tiny snowball,
You are a mother.
And just over here,
You’re in Thailand,
And there, at a party sat looking bored at a table,
You came home with an orchid trapped in a plastic case,
On a beach wrapped in a towel with two freezing children,
Playing with the kittens; dragging a piece of string for them,
Sat in the garden with a cup of tea and a biscuit,
You are you.


  1. I really, really like this. Museum is the only word I have not done yet to catch up to today. It's just such a good word, I want to spend more time on it. But this, this I just love.


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