January poetry day 1

To kick off our writing this first month of the new year, Maria (mgoodson.blogspot.co.uk) and I are once again giving each other random words to spark a poem into life.  I'm going to try and explore my mother's dementia through these poems.  I may find that tricky though, having looked through some of the words we have plucked from the air but it seems a good place to begin.  This one is for you, Mum.

For the kicks
Do not misjudge her or assume you know
Something still, which she chooses not to share
With you, the unknown once known mystery
Creeping soft in those new shoes on the tiles,
You knock and enter before the response
Which waits forgotten in the tepid air
And throw cheerful loudness into the hush
Of a morning spent asleep and dreaming
Of time passed but still remembered with joy
Causing that rare understood smile to bloom
Which whispers I am alive and live still.
But this door is locked tight to you and I
Have lost the key, misplaced it somewhere dark
And new brightness can shine there never more.
Once, far away, I loved life for the kicks
I clutched it, I laughed and played and was glad.   


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