'The worst enemy to creativity is self doubt'

Sylvia Plath wrote that and she knew a thing or two about creativity.  The more I read about writing, the more I think about it and learn about it as both a scholarly and creative pursuit, the less i actually write.  Before I even began my creative writing diploma, I wrote every morning before either going to work or beginning studying and i finished the first two parts of two separate trilogies.  I had even begun to send work off to publishers.  Now I rarely write even when a perfect opportunity like NaNoWriMo knocks at my door and what i do write, I agonise over ridiculous things and find it impossible to edit and difficult to share.  I don't really have much experience of anything much so although it doesn't appear that I am 'laying myself bare', I am constantly rereading and consulting with myself as to whether someone could find something out about me, about my character, my dreams and fears, the silly things that raise a white flag occasionally and say that no, it isn't alright and you are an idiot. Of course, the main reason that this doesn't happen is because nobody reads what I write so there is very little chance that anybody will find out anything about me that I do not intend.  I am going to have to address the not writing because I don't have time (I have the same number of hours in the day as everybody else after all) and that will definitely be the foundation of a new year's resolution - I love making resolutions.  As for the scholarly side, I will have to write pieces that can be published and the first thing that I need to learn is that you must have the publication in mind to write for rather than write something you think is incredible and then tote it around to a variety of journals and hope that they will like it.
Time to start writing a list of things I need to do then.


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