Rubber bands can be so much fun...

I love a craze.  It is after all, something that I can ignore for as long as it is en vogue and then get into once everybody is bored of it and has moved onto something far more interesting.  This happens a lot with tv and music now and was a prominent feature of my childhood when essentially if the new thing wasn't about anything equine, I was just, like, so not there.  Okay, I did have a brief flirtation with a jelly bag but I drew the line at the shoes. 

I know, it's so cool, even now...who wouldn't want one?

But... thanks to the virtues of being a mother, I am here, right now, at this very moment WHEN I COULD BE DOING ANY OF THE SEVERAL THINGS ON ONE OF MY MULTITUDINOUS 'TO DO' LISTS, making loom bands.  The noise you can here above the sound of the laptop keyboard being tapped is indeed my teeth grinding at the sheer boredom of it all.  Yes, that's right - I have managed to be 'on trend' with this fad while simultaneously having the experience of one who has seen the initial high and is now just past this thing and needing to be on to something far more interesting.  I am making the blasted band as the person in the house who actually wants them desperately has ended up in tears because he couldn't make them and it's bedtime and nothing, not even coloured, scented (of what?  Rubber?) bands get in the way of bedtime.  Cue youtube (I love youtube - I bet there isn't anything you can't find on there.  Actually, I daren't look to check out my theory) tutorials for me and something else to do that is allowing me to avoid sewing up holes in tights and shorts, write my masterpiece, read the brilliant new book I've just started and get into a new tv drama starring Maggie Gyllanhall.  Didn't stop me blogging about it though.  I'd better get back to the bands or most of them are going to go up the hoover tomorrow at this rate.  The blighters are everywhere!!  I think they're breeding.

And come to think of it, who wouldn't want their circulation compromised with these beauties?


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