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The last one = continuum

Stars spark and shatter in the distant skies, pinprick rainbows in the far away, catching us slowly so slowly as light lingers on and reminds us now of what has passed.  Continuum.

Day 29 - Slumber

Aphrodite slinks through cobwebbed bowers
In her dreams she whiles away the hours
Her slumber purrs within and her mind dances
Through the places she has been and the chances
That she took and those she lost
She doesn't care at what cost
For she is dreaming now of how and when
She will be whole again

Day 28 - animated

Your face
As the world turns
And life darts within and about,
You laugh

Day 27 - Rooftops

Rooftops My fingers are strangers on the rooftops of your spine, Illicit visitors cruising quietly towards their destination, Shivers bring palms down to continue the journey, Warm skin beneath cool enquiry offers answers That flicker in the air and leave as quickly As a sharpened breath awaiting a tongue's caress.

Day 26 - Wordsmith

The wordsmith spins and turns the magic
While the pen creates and the page is filled.

Day 25 Gold

You gave me gold so when I grew old I would be safe
That gold is a trove hidden from sight until the time is right
And you dig and cover and map and run
While all about you is chaos and ruin comes calling
On wide booted feet that crush and crumble bone
Amid the crying and the smoke I remember the place
And see their faces as they search for what is mine but
I am not old and you are not here and it is too late
When the ground lies wrecked and savage truths split the land
We forget hope and memory is buried beneath the blood
Until a new time when quiet rules and curiosity finds
what you gave me so I would be safe when I grew old.

Day 24 Reverie

Damp grass soft on tired toes
Daisy chains in the rain
Airborne cobwebs catch the face
Caterpillars trailing, riding the currents 
Clematis tangles through summer shade
Rose petals spiraling on pond water
I feel a pinch, hard and unwelcome
My reverie - is abruptly halted by real life.

Day 23

The ancestors are taken
Vilified and humiliated
Laid to rest?
What a joke.
If there is treasure there
It is not theirs but ours
Ours to take and make
A fortune
And leave those bones
Locked up and under torture

Days 21 and 22

Breath Stones standing, watching Sun creeps, peeping through Midsummer's day breath

Serendipity A chance meeting The glass castle cracks Baked ground rips apart A salt shaker twists as it smashes Bitter contents seeping through gaping wounds Trees are airborne missiles Black sand rising while the earth shudders A hand outstretched is missed But then grasped and held tight Serendipity

Day 20

Around the tiles the wailing banshee screams
Scatter-shot hailstones chiming against panes
Timbers groan, shuddering shoulder to the wind
As spiteful rain twists and whips under lightening shards
Darkness descending to blanket the earth
The storm has baulked but wherefore i cannot say

Day 18 and 19 - a double bill!

Ted Hughes wrote, 'and the blue tit zipped clear of lace panties'.
This seems unlikely.
But more picturesque than y-fronts.

Desire talks like a professor
- but makes no sense,
Wanting the unecessary,
Needing the unwanted,
Sparking scarlet and hungry,
Whispering secrets that wrap and crush,
Pinching as breath twists
- and slicing tiny pieces of the heart.

Day 17

I am
Question the vanishing
truth of mystery, and wonder
am I?

Day 16 Ergo

the human body is infallible ergo you will get fat
your hair never looks quite right ergo don't bother looking in the mirror
parking fines are ridiculous ergo cycle
'shock and awe' sounds better than it is ergo don't believe everything they tell you
stubbing your toe is outrageously painful ergo wear shoes
weather forecasts will be subject to late change ergo carry the umbrella and sun hat
the truth hurts ergo be prepared or don't ask
people who lark about on punts end up in the drink ergo take a change of clothes

one day all this will end ergo love every minute 

Dear Mr Ford

So there is much excitement at work regarding a certain Harrison Ford who is receiving treatment at the hospital.  Naturally, I am not about to reveal anything about his injuries and care that would infringe his patient confidentiality - I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING, I'M 'ONLY' A TEACHER THERE SO DON'T PANIC: I get all my information from the internet, just like everybody else you know.  However, his presence (cue, 'I felt a disturbance in the Force') has made me consider what it is about him and what he does which means that I have been beside myself with excitement that I AM IN THE SAME BUILDING AS HIM.  This has not had the same effect on my colleagues who are somewhat bemused, (it isn't as though it's Bradley Cooper' one of them muttered, 'isn't he from the 70s?' queried another).  If I could meet him. I wouldn't know what to say.  I would be a blithering idiot, I imagine just like everyone else he tries to avoid meeting who admire …

Day 15

Dinosaur I see you looking back at me Cosmic dust slitting your eyes Nails dug deep, gripping on Desperate  not to leave
I see you looking back at me  Blood flowing, skin drying, Silent mouth screaming 'no' Body refusing to work
I see you looking back at me Knowing it has happened all before Thinking it was back then, just them Not us, it couldn't happen again
I see you looking back at me Wishing you had acted when you could

Day 14 Gargantuan

Gargantuan means pretty much bigger than normal,
More massive than giant and higher than huge,
I remembered that as I looked up at the creature,
Black and sombre, poised to pounce, eyes wary,
Towering up and up, so high it could barely be seen,
Wondering if it would mean the end of mankind -
I imagined it chasing people; screaming, desperate,
All of their lives rushing before them in the face of terror

But then I snapped out of it, opened the window,
And left the room, not to return until the spider had gone.


This word is worse than 'galumphing'!

Gentlemen, I implore you, think before you leap.
Your masters may tell you, 'jump' but if my heart you wish to keep,
You will rebel, you will say no, you will refuse to go.
I have loved you all and your demise will be my final woe,
I imagine your uniforms smart and tight,
Those boots I watched you polish - oh so bright,
You march in line, each there for the other,
But, I implore you please, do not forget your mother.

Day 12

The Galumphing is a terrible creature,
He lies disguised as a verb,
His smell is a prominent feature,
Tho he disguises it with herbs,
He slithers and predates as a noun,
How cleverly, steadily he will creep,
He will often be noted about town,
His teeth rattle as he boldly leaps.
And for most he will never be seen,
But to others that view will be their last,
For he is known to be mean,
When you hear him approach, hope he slinks past.

Argh!  This is a horrible word!  I'm trying to be over clever and force the word to do something for me that it is very resistant to. Sadly, this falls flat on its face but onwards and upwards - didn't somebody somewhere once say that, 'tomorrow is another day'?  Part of this challenge is accepting that if I am not giving the time to think and work on drafts, that rough work will be what results.  Sometimes that throws up interesting things, sometimes it doesn't (as in today's little effort).  Always worth doing though;…

Day 11

Claws push earth away
Neck elongated, straining
Eyes bright, staring
Body taught, precise
Wings prepared, outstretched
Last effort
Clucking and flapping
The ground drops away
The sky could be the limit
But a short fence post will do
A chicken in flight

Day 10 - okay, it's late!

There's a skeleton in your closet.  Did you know?  I hear it rattling, skulking and biding its time.  Do you hear it?  I see it.  Long fingers - boney unsurprisingly, emerging from the wooden box.  Teeth clacking, it bides its time.  Bright colours fading, fabric rotting.  Do you smell it?  The scent of treachery.  Sadness is airborne.  Stick out your tongue, so warm and fleshy.  Do you taste it?  Despair comes creeping.  Can you feel it?  Those bones are reaching out from the past.  And you will pay.

Day 9

Supine Supine, she floats Close to the boats
Once fast and fleet Now simply meat
Harpooned, he gasps Twists from their grasp
Ice floes crack Split rudder flaps
Diving deep, fast Men in the past
Curses in salty air Now they care
Home empty handed No reward landed

Poem 8

She said to meet here,
But I think I'm in the wrong place.
She definitely said here,
There is a lot of blood in the air.
I wish I'd got her number,
A smell of death oozing into my pores.
This is not exactly date friendly,
Sharp blades and tufts of hair.
I think it's time to leave,
This is not my idea of a fun meet space.

I have no idea what a meatspace is but apparently it is in the Urban dictionary so I'm now going to look it up!

Day 7


She is broken
But still she rises
Despair touches her
But still she rises
Her voice leaves her
But still she rises
She fights hard
And still she rises
Her truth sings out
And she rises

And when her work is complete
She rises for the final time
And is welcomed home

My words seem pretty ineffectual in the face of the mighty Maya Angelou but this is for her.

Poetry day 6

her heart 
tough like crystal
thick and weighty.  

But it is just a standard heart - thin glass that is easily shattered.

Day 5

The yellow ribbons tell of justice sought,
We need him back, the parents say,
And all agree - bring him home,
He's one of us, we don't abandon,
He stood by the flag and we do not forget,
Bring us a happy ever after and do it soon,
Five years is too long; give us results,
He can't cope and we want closure.
We need to believe that miracles happen.

Choices are made, meetings taken,
Where is the risk and the satisfaction?
Decisions set in motion cannot be slowed,
Jubilation - justice is served!
He is free.  Our brave boy coming home,
But rumours surface - he is not true,
We have been duped, where is the hero?
The ribbons droop, muddied with rain,
The flag unyielding in the media maelstrom.

I'm interested in how everybody wants to be part of something, to be in the news, to be THE news and to feel a sense of engagement and entitlement in the affairs of others.  In this case, a soldier has been held captive for many years and a difficult and contentious choice has been made in seeking …

Day 4

Panache.  A short poem

Some people have it in spades.
I don't.

Day 3

Persuasive Actualised Selfish Sensual Incremental Only Necessary

This is a great subject for a poem but has to be satisfied with an acrostic due to time constraints!

Day 2

Brains on the table
This mass holding memories
Creating a self
Unique being, giving love
A spark in the world gone out