June poetry 1

It's the month of Midsummer and the poet within is yearning to use the voice again. Okay, it isn't quite that philosophical or romantic - I and Maria at mgoodson.blogspot.co.uk have challenged each other with a list of words to use as inspiration for ... something in a written form. My first word is spine.  I think I'm going to use each word as the title and see where that goes.  The poems will be short initially as I also have (don't we all) other work related and uni related matters to focus on but hopefully, after a week or so I will begin to explore some more formal and lengthy ways of writing.


Bone road beneath her fingertips
She maps it carefully
Following each bump, each turn
Asking questions of the earth
Which has released this prize 
Each dip and break a clue
To what has come before
And where we may be travelling


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